Pressure Washing Anderson County, SC

When your front deck is covered with stains or your roof is losing the battle with mould you need Pressure Washing. This simple procedure is going to remove the dirt and mold from the surfaces, restoring it back to its original look.

How pressure washing works?

Pressure washing is the act of cleaning exterior surfaces with high pressure utilizing water. Some areas need chemicals and others don’t. We offer a wide range of chemicals to use on your property. The main point of Pressure washing is reaching places which couldn’t be cleaned by other means. Top windows, roof angles and gutters are all great candidates for pressure washing.

Pros of hiring us

The pros of using the pressure washing or power washing method on your roof or exterior are intuitive: you get a clean house, bring back the glory of its walls and remove any unwanted stains or fungus. The method is cost effective and time-effective as you get the job done in couple of minutes compared to long hours of scrubbing. There are times when pressure washing can replace a re-surfacing process or a siding projects. It comes as a cheap and effective method to enhance the look of a house without spending lots of money and time on refreshing it by adding new paint, for example. Power washing increases the life of the roof tiles and wall paint as debris which gathers on the surface and destroys the layers. Improper usage of the pressure washing machines can worsen the problem. With that said, always choose a company you can trust. If you don’t your Roof Cleaning process might easily turn into a roof destroying process. Picking the right chemicals is also a delicate task, so only work with reliable, tested companies.

The tip of the day is to ask the cleaning company for references; Days Pressure Washing has a long trail of happy customers, so there are people who can speak for us and tell you how we work.

When you are ready to have your house pressure washed, contact us us at (864) 479-8142!